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Indoor Batting Cage

We have 3 automated indoor batting cages. Our Iron Mike pitching machines are arm style pitching machines throwing 9" diameter Yellow dimpled sof-tuff baseballs from 46' to simulate Little League. Our pitch speeds are 40mph in the 1st cage, the second cage is 50mph and our third is 60mph. If you play at an advanced level - we have middle and high school players and even some college players swinging in our cages.  From the shorter distance the 60mph pitch gives the batter the effective pitch recognition and timing of hitting a 77mph ball from 60 feet.  Our speeds a checked regularly with a Bucknell radar gun and stay + or - 2mph of the posted speeds.  Each cage is operated via tokens.
We also have a multi-purpose area we call the "Training Zone" to enhance the practice experience.  We can transform this area from pitching lanes to batting tee stations within a couple minutes.  Pitchers can practice pitching for $4 per 15 minutes and take aim at our 9 target sock net we can also check pitch speed with our radar gun for an additional fee.