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Golf Range                                                                  Batting Cages

Cage Rules

Shoes must be worn - no Cleats
Helmets must be worn in Cages (w/ Facemasks recommended)
Only Batter may be allowed in the cage - no parents/coaches
No switch hitting during a cage cycle
For the courtesy of others use your Indoor voice - disruptive behavior will not be tolerated
No Running in the building
No practice swings outside of cages (if supervised you may practice swing in multi-use area when not in use)
Watch for balls under feet
Kid catchers in pitching lanes must use full catchers gear
Roll ball back to pitchers softly - no throwing
Balls only to be thrown towards bathrooms and rolled back towards counter/entrance area
Pitching lane area use by rental only - $4 per 15 minutes - 1st come 1st serve reservation basis
Hit 1 token cycle and rotate batter - (unless agreement made with other waiting batters - 2 token max!
No climbing fences
Keep fingers out of netting
All spectators must stay off the red painted areas around cages