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Cage Fees

Effective  February 26, 2018

The Season Ticket

Available Soon!


                                            Regular Fee                        

5 Tokens (60 balls)                

10 Tokens (120 balls)           $10                        

28 Token Punch Card            $22                       
New Offering
60 minutes of Cage Use $10 per person
60 minute Cage Use (2 people)   $9.50 per person        
60 minute Cage Use (3+ people)    $9 per person  
Entitles each paying batter to use of any available cage or cages for 60 minutes. Batter must take turns with other batters using same cage.  1 token per turn. This batting deal offers no exclusive use to a cage or cages.  For exclusive cage use See Cage Rentals.             

*Note that Punch Cards will only be valid for 30 days from the date of purchase (there will be an additional 14 day grace period before the bonus tokens become invalid). Use them up!   When a punch card expires any highlighted punches become invalid. Any Punch card purchased in 2018 bonus tokens become invalid after 12/31/18.  Actual tokens must stay in the building!!  Sorry - You may not fill your pockets with our tokens for future use! Prices and offerings subject to change at any time. 
All other batting cage rules apply. Have Fun - Be Safe - Improve!